Scrum Rant

Well, not a rant, just an observation.

I do not understand why lots of companies these days are so obsessed with Scrum software project management development.

It is just one of many agile software development techniques, not better or worse than the others. For me personally it is actually worse, because I don’t like daily status meetings (in Scrum they call them “stand-ups”). I don’t like them for two reasons: I don’t feel comfortable standing up when there are sits available and don’t see a point of talking about my day over and over again.

As it looks to me, we have a substantial set of traditional, agile and lean development methods and principles, and selecting a right subset for a specific project and team is a matter of professionalism, experience and personal preferences.

I have always thought about agile software development as a rebellion for freedom. Freedom to choose and to use what fits and what works. When it becomes mainstream and takes a form of mandatory rules to follow, it defeats its purpose.