Restore Vista MBR

When I removed a failed to load Kubuntu partition on my dual boot laptop, I did something stupid: I rebooted the computer.

Of course I ended up with Grub “Error 22”.

Fortunately I had a recovery DVD with system files and after booting from this DVD and getting into the command line, I found file bootrec.exe.

Executing it as:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

restored the MBR and I was able to boot into Vista.

Printing from Emacs on Windows

I’m a Emacs guy and this is how I got it printing on on of my Windows boxes (XP SP2) where I already had Cygwin.

1. Install PDF Creator.

2. Update .emacs file with the following:
(setenv "PRINTER" "PDFCreator")
(setq ps-printer-name "PDFCreator")
(setq ps-printer-name-option "-d")
(setq ps-lpr-command "/cygwin/bin/lpr")

3. Print into a PDF file with ps-print-buffer and then to any printer (or not at all).

Simple .NET Profiler

Every developed needs a profiler. When I worked for Cognos our internal standard was Rational Quantify; I think it was alright.

Now when I deal with .NET and want to see a physical proof of my internal vision of how my application works I use a profiler from Eqatec: simple and effective if the only thing you need is a list of your routines, a number of times they have been called and their average.

Work with in three steps: build (instrument), run and view (analyze).

Good SSH client under Vista

I have been looking for a PuTTY replacement for awhile now not just because it is so old and ugly looking but also because it would drop connections from time to time.

Last week I installed a free-for-personal -use version of Tunnelier from Bitvise on my corporate laptop’s stripped down (meaning kindа usable) Vista Home Premium Edition and it seems to be functioning well.

It comes with a nice basic FTP client and easy on eye.

My Firefox Plugins

My list of favorite Firefox plugins.

I have been using Firefox for a while and even though I switch constantly between at least three browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera), it is still my favorite thanks to an unmatched set of features and plugins that make browsing much less annoying.

This is my list of favorite Firefox plugins.

First set is the absolute necessity, as without these I cannot surf for more than a few minutes:

    Adblock Plus
    PDF Download

Second is rather optional, but still makes a difference

    Forecastfox Weather
    IE Tab Plus