Template for mastering the obvious

Title:What we learned from Google/Facebook/Twitter/<insert other big name that gives you a boner>”: state something obvious.

Overview: Describe in at least 100 words anything everybody knows. Don’t forget to combine here a mentoring attitude with clever hints on a tremendous importance of this obvious thing. Pretend that you are an elite knowledge worker, who earned this privilege of really understanding this obvious thing in multiple elegant brain-storming sessions with the same high quality bright intelligent people, or in a stressful, but extremely rewarding agile environment with a multi-million client.

How is works: Describe in at least 200 words what everybody knows about how this obvious thing works. Don’t spare any well known detail. Insert a “clean” looking diagram, because nothing complements an obvious thing better than a useless trivial diagram that pictures the obvious.

Describe how this obvious thing saves lots of time and money. Provide some useless numbers you pulled out of your ass to prove it.

Describe how this obvious thing promotes the openness. Again, about 200 words will do. Don’t lose your focus: state that this is obvious that openness is awesome, but you are writing about a different obvious thing.

Describe how this obvious thing is good for teams. Everybody knows that anything obvious that is useful is done by teams, and only sore losers do obvious things on their own. That is why Microsoft Office and Linux kernel rule, and Git sucks.

Add something about how this obvious thing is good for something that has a word “social” in it. It will look smart and modern (only smart and modern people understand what “social” things are). Any social reference will do, except the “national-socialist” one. Also avoid references to U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) because there is still plenty of people around who used live in that shit.

In conclusion: make something up about how this obvious thing shapes our “culture” in a positive manner and at the same time our “culture” shapes that obvious thing. Less sense you make is better because nobody is going to read that far.


What we learned from Google: code reviews aren’t just for catching bugs