Install Virtual Box Additions on Fedora 14

I have been using Fedora 14 as my primary work desktop for a while. I like it a lot for many reasons and one of them that it easily runs as a virtual machine.

Oracle Virtual Box version 4 has been my choice for running desktop virtual machines because it is fast, robust, simple and free.

Anybody who runs Fedora knows it gets lots of updates and when such update includes the kernel then I have to reinstall Virtual Box Guest Additions that enable several important features with two I use all the time: mouse integration and shared folders.

This how to install or reinstall Virtual Box Guest Additions on Fedora 14.

First we need the kernel headers:

> yum install -y kernel-devel
> yum -y update

Then from the virtual machine menu, select Devices/Install Guest Additions and mount the image by selecting it from Fedora “Places” menu. Then run the Additions installer:

> cd /media/VBOXADDITIONS_4.0.0_69151/
> ./

Watch output for errors. That is it. Now you can use mouse on the virtual machine as it is your desktop extension and mount shared directories:

> /sbin/mount.vboxsf mydir /share/vbox/mydir